SERFIEX S.A. is both a RiskTech & FinTech company created in 1993, leader in Spain and expanding in Europe and Latin America.



Riskco front to middle-office platform that provides:

  • Market, credit, liquidity and operational risk management of financial and actuarial assets and liabilities
  • Mark-to-model valuation of illiquid and complex securities
  • Compliance
  • Performance attribution
  • Portfolio management
  • Pre-trade risk management
  • Reports


Riskco ALM Seguros

Mark-to-market surplus calculation, surplus risk measurement, duration mismatching, cash-flow proyection, cash flow matching and duration immunization.


Riskco Solvencia II

The best software on the market.



Riskco Basilea

ALM, risk measurement (balance-sheet, credit, liquidity), net interest margin and economic value, supervisory compliance (Basel II, III).


Riskco Corporate

CFRM Corporate Financial Risk Management.

Riskco, a technological leap in investment management industry.


Serfiex Efficiency

An investment strategy that integrates both passive and highly active asset management to earn greater returns.

And the best Robo Advisor. +info

Dorportfolio management

Hire an external quantitative department to give leading edge support to investment management.